Rotary Sheet Cutting Unit

Description: This rotary sheet cutter is built in a modular configuration so it can be incorporated into a new machine or replace existing units. Assemblies can be designed to meet your requirements.

The rotary sheet cutter has an extended shaft on the cutting cylinder where a timing pulley or gear can be attached. The rotary knife cutters should always run faster than the web to ensure good cut quality without disturbing the web. The cut length is determined by the relationship of web speed to cutting speed. Rotary units can have crush cut blade which is easy to replace.

A crush cut is achieved by the blade in the top cylinder, cutting against a hardened anvil roll. These units have blade spacing from 2 in. and up and are good for thin materials. The cutter has a unique quick change blade design so even an unskilled operator can install a new blade in a few minutes. This is ideal for perforated cuts; the blades can be made to meet your perforation requirements.


A) Servo drive system to match your requirements
B) Special designs for unique requirements


  • Blade change in least possible time
  • Disposable steel rule die blades as well hardened blades as per requirement
  • Good for thin materials
  • Multiple blades per cutting cylinder available
  • Lower solid anvil supports web during cutting
  • The rotary system has a solid hardened anvil roller
  • The top rotary cutting blade cuts against the hardened anvil
  • Precision bearings will be used; they are designed to take high load forces
  • The reliable cutting blade assembly is designed for quick and easy removal
  • Precision ground and bored side frame
  • The unit will have an output shaft, which can be driven
  • The top cutting drum and lower anvil are driven together
Film, foil, paper, non-woven, PTFE, tubing, Velcro, shrink tubing, laminates, metalized film, tape, foam, mesh, laminates, medical devices, pads