NIP Sense

In Textile open width processing there are n numbers of processing problems.  Solutions of the problems depend on the skill of Operator and supervisor. If the operator is new than during training itself there are chances of huge losses.  Some problems comes due to not following the lengthy procedures. So, how if procedure itself is shortened? Normally in open width processing there are squeezers/nips at each point and to check the impression or expression of the Nip/Squeezer is very essential. Normal way is to take the powder test or carbon impression which takes lots of time. Now we have come up with the NIP SENSE meter. Check the contact width in Left-Middle-Right and be worry less of tension of Uneven squeezing.

Why the need of Portable squeeze roll Width meter in Converting Industry? The roller nip is important for Offset, Gravure and Flexo printing, Calendaring, Embossing and Coating and Laminating. In all above process the evenness of contact area is important for best and even quality of output. Presently for printing, contact width measurement is estimated by applying ink to the rollers, squeezing them and measuring the width of the stripe which varies according to the type of ink and final viscosity after mechanical mixing. In other processes like embossing, coating, laminating and calendaring carbon impression is the way to measure the nip properties. The dynamic properties of the rubber roller constantly change. The rubber ages and hardness is also affected by the heat generated from friction during machine running. Hence the regular monitoring of NIP width measurement is necessary.